I get it, you are on the lookout for a skilled cinematographer for your next project.  You want someone who gets story, the heart of your film, and knows how to express that beautifully in pictures, keeping to your time pressures and budget.  You also want the someone who won't crack under pressure and will meet the challenges of your film with a great attitude. You want a collaborator who can handle the pictorial responsibilities, leaving you secure knowing that you can collaborate without bearing the weight of having to guide them EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

I can help you with that. I'm an Australian based director of photography working both domestically and internationally.  My work includes documentary, drama, music video, commercials and corporate storytelling. I've shot for many large Australian and international corporations (Red Bull, Telstra, CBA, Rio Tinto, Sony etc) as well as large television networks (Disney Channel, Nat Geo, BBC etc).  I bring a wealth of experience working with crews large and small and  I count an ability to work with what I have as a strength.

From the middle of the Kalahari to the centre of major world capitals I help directors and producers come back with footage that not only looks beautiful but also communicates a great story.

In case you are wondering, I also shoot locally and on  smaller stuff too, so please get in contact. I love working with new people!